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  • Group Personal Training since 1995

  • Sports Specific: Jump, Agility, Speed Training

  • Cycle Energy since 1997

  • Nutritional Counseling

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The difference in training at Fitness In Motion versus any other gym is the individualized plan and instruction. Trainees come to their scheduled training time with a well-thought-out plan in place for them. Specific training prepares everyone to excel in the skills important to their success.

For example, training will focus on developing a strong fitness base through challenged strength and conditioning, accompanied by agility, speed and jump training(for athletes). Everyone is educated in proper training methods and receive individual instruction with emphasis on safe and effective techniques.

The facility uses a dynamic mix of equipment to create an exciting and fun work out –no boring or ineffective repetition at Fitness In Motion. And, the constant help and attention of the trainer ensures safety as well as serves to motivate, and encourage focused training –designed to produce results.

Come give it a try!  1st class is FREE !

The workouts involve free weights, medicine balls, swiss balls, bands, bosus, Reebok core board, Pilates, plyometrics, stretching, multi-directional movement and cardiovascular work.

Fitness In Motion also includes nutritional counseling on a daily basis, which begins with documenting food habits.

Call Todd at 518-232-4343 OR email        tmsfim@aol.com.

Located at Anytime Fitness Main st. Glens Falls

              Anytime Fitness Glens Falls

Base fees-   $16 per class        Call for Monthly rates

Other pricing is available for students, teams, Married couples and paying in advance.

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